Finance And Accounting

JTP provides finance and accounting (F&A) as well as human resource processes across all industries.

JTP has built a specialized expertise in financial services, insurance, healthcare, retail, logistics, and telecommunications. In making the decision to move their corporate and/or transactional F&A processes to JTP, our clients increase efficiency and significantly reduce cost.

Services Provided:

The end-to-end F&A processes JTP provide are combined with call center services to deliver superior customer and vendor support as well as risk management and continuous improvement programs to further enhance quality and efficiency.

Innovation and Best Practices

Our programs foster innovation and best practice sharing. We developed a culture of documenting and sharing ideas and best practices within the company.


We have deep experience in improving processes through automation tools, ERP optimization, benchmarking tools, and frameworks for innovation, change management, and business process re-engineering.

Industry-specific Services

We understand the nuances of F&A requirements in every industry, and hence deliver industry-specific services in verticals spanning insurance, media, retail, manufacturing, shipping and logistics, telecom, travel and utilities.

Automation Capabilities

We leverage our strong automation capability (RPA) and constantly look for business cases to automate using our proprietary frameworks delivering business efficiencies and outcomes.

Scale of Operations

Our depth of experience also encompasses process improvements through tools and ERP optimization based on our work with more than 30 clients.