Customized Training Program

Customized Training Program


In today’s fast paced IT world, the skill of the workforce is one of the crucial and strategic factors that determine a company’s ability to achieve a competitive advantage. The fact that change is the order of the day and that it is the only constant, calls for adaptability on the part of the workforce. This requires, apart from other things, keeping the skills of your company’s workforce current and viable. We can help you in that aspect with our customizable training program.

Salient features of our training program:

  • Customizable, so we can tailor it to meet your specific needs
  • Helps to analyze your system and work force
  • Identify the gap between existing skills, required skills and consequently the scope and need for training
  • Suggest a best program that minimizes the learning curve
  • Impart training according to prioritized training needs
  • You may also choose to have this training at your work place

The do’s we assiduously perform:

  • We do go that extra mile to make our clients’ workforce comfortable with what has been taught, and even better, with no extra cost to you. This means we can extend the training program and depending on the needs add some more sessions
  • We do deliver what has been promised in time
  • We don’t complete the training program by only overloading information on to your people in a pre-determined number of sessions
  • We don’t confine the training to classroom only. If necessary, we will take it to your application under test to get valuable hands on training with it
  • We don’t compromise on the quality of our training

What you can expect from this:

  • A workforce with current and viable skills
  • No more steep learning curves
  • A uniform standard in processes and procedures
  • Bring all QC staff to the same skill level and understanding
  • A knowledge of innovative and state of the art QC implementations
  • The ability to ramp-up implementation time