Managed Testing

Managed Testing & QA Services: We span end-to-end software quality assurance management to targeted software testing services

JTP Managed Testing & QA services enable software and IT organizations to focus on core innovation and development while engaging JTP to ensure the quality of their software releases.

We can provide services to manage your entire quality assurance program and also provide specific testing services for your short and long term needs. Either way, you will cost effectively realize a measurable improvement in software quality. Our QA and Testing Professionals work alongside your development organization, our clients benefit from our Managed Testing Services by getting:

  • A professional software quality management testing partner with experience in managing software quality and testing needs of individual applications to entire application portfolios
  • A scalable service which can grow with your organization
  • Flexible global delivery model to achieve optimal efficiency
  • Testing capabilities with a focus on consistent quality assurance across the organization

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